Friday, 22 August 2014

Hello and I welcome you to my second Personal Writing Page! Its supposed to be Tuhituhi  Mahorahora but I want it to be in english! So no more maori! Ok I’ll just write about my cousins! They are so many of them! Theres over 100 cousins! Awesome! I have heaps of cousins that have fun with me and enjoy my presence! I am so blessed to have beautiful whanau! My closest cousins are the “Milkybars”! We call them the milkybars because they are the only white family on my mums side! Were not being racist or anything but its true! If you saw me standing next to one of them, you would think that we were  strangers! Thats how different we look! I wish that I had a photo of them to show you! That would be amazing! Ok I am very protective about whanau because you might think that you can see them all the time and, that they will be here forever, but they won't. I know that because I thought that my mom was gonna be here forever. But she died from Breast Cancer. Im only ten years old and a year 6 in Primary School. By the way Im a girl so its harder for me. Our family still sticks together. We are a tight family and we try to use the most of our time to see whanau that are far in Auckland! So it was cool to see them all again!

Now I want to talk about The youth group for church! That was really cool to learn a new song! Here are the words. I wonder if you know it! Enjoy!!! :)

Glory,glory to god in the highest
Glory,glory to god.
When nothing  else could help.
You came and rescued me
Your love lifted me, your love lifted me
Your love lifted me
For I can sing of your love…
Higher,higher,higher than Heaven
Deeper,deeper,deeper than oceans
Greater,greater,greater than mountains
Your love…
Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!


  1. Hope I like your work to much hope...

  2. Hope I like your work to much hope...

    1. Thanks Reene! Thats really cool that someone is into my work!